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Protecting Your Property Against Winter Weather



According to climate experts Britain is facing the most savage winter freeze for over a decade. We have highlighted the importance for homeowners and landlords of protecting a property against harsh winter weather.


Each year thousands of landlords and homeowners across the country are caught out by a sudden cold snap.


Winter weather, which brings freezing temperatures and snow, can lead to burst pipes and damage to roofs and gutters.


A few simple considerations below should be taken into account now to protect your property and mean that you and your tenants are saved from the drama of frozen pipes or the inconvenience of a boiler breakdown, should the worst winter weather strike.


1. Make sure your loft is well-insulated


2. Lag pipes to protect them from the cold


3. Clean out guttering to reduce ice build-up and the risk of gutter overflow


4. Ask your tenants to inform you about any dripping taps


5. Open the loft door and cupboards to let warm air in and ask any tenants you might have to do the same


6. Ensure all windows are well-sealed to prevent water damage


7. Make sure your boiler is serviced regularly


8. Know where the stopcock is in case of a burst pipe.


9. If you’re going away don’t switch your heating off. Instead leave it on a low setting. About 10 degrees Celsius should do. This will keep the frost off the pipes and avoid you coming home to unpleasant surprise. Leave internal doors open to allow air circulation.


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