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The best 5 indoor plants for your home


Interior design trends come and go with the seasons, but there are few trends that stick around long enough to be considered staples in home decorating. Houseplants are one of those evergreen (no pun intended) trends. 


Not only do they give a breath of fresh air into your home by bringing the outdoors in, but they also make it look like you’re ‘adulting’ the same way a fully stocked bookshelf does. It shows some level of care and responsibility more than other decor does, which can actually add to the feel of the whole room. Think about your friends’ places who have plants and how you feel when you visit their homes. You’re a bit more impressed and oddly relaxed, right? 


Why not recreate that feeling in your own home and take advantage of the other benefits houseplants can offer? A plant is more than just a piece of decor – it’s a living thing that requires care, and in turn, makes you feel more relaxed, along with other mental health benefits one gets from taking care of a living thing. 


If you aren’t a plant expert though, this may sound like hard work. Bringing something into your home that requires effort and caring for may just be too much trouble. Therefore, this list is here to help you find the perfect plants for even the most minimal amount of work needed to help them thrive and look great in your home. 


Here are the top five indoor plants for your home, regardless of your gardening expertise. 


Zamioculas Zamiifolia (ZZ Plant)

zz plant


The Zamiculas Zamiifolia or ZZ plant is the perfect plant for anyone who usually (and unintentionally), kills any plant they bring home! These plants are easy to care for as they require such a minimal amount of commitment that you could practically ignore this plant and it would be just as happy. You have probably seen them in places like offices that have low natural light – a good sign this plant can take some neglect. 


ZZ plants are well known as the Zanzibar Gem because of how shiny their emerald green leaves are. There’s also a variegation of the ZZ plant that has black leaves called the raven ZZ plant, so if you want a more dramatic plant, you could opt for that version. Both variegations require indirect sun but can tolerate low light, so they are great options for areas of the home that don’t have a lot of natural light like a bathroom or tucked away in a corner. The less light this plant gets, the slower it will grow, but it’ll hang on as-is regardless. 


They also don’t need a lot of water since they store moisture in their bulbous roots. If it’s sitting in a spot with indirect sun, you can probably get away with watering it thoroughly once a month and letting it completely dry out between waterings. If it’s sitting in a spot with very little light, it needs even less water. 


Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

cheese plant


One of the most recognisable plants, monsteras are super trendy right now and so easy to keep happy. This plant isn’t for anyone with a tight space, however. The split leaves can grow pretty quickly and seem to double in size whenever a new one pops out. If you’ve got the space for it, it can take over and be a focal point of the room, turning your room into an indoor jungle. 


Sanseveria (Snake Plant)

Snake Plant


This plant is practically invincible and much like the ZZ plant, it can grow in almost any condition and only needs minimal water. There are different varieties of snake plants (dwarf, sword, striped, twisted sister, cylindrical, Kenya hyacinth, golden bird’s nest, etc.), so potentially you could just have a massive collection of them and not have the same two types. 


Sanseveria plants are also perfect to fit into smaller spaces since, unlike other houseplants, they grow upwards and not outwards. You won’t need to worry about trimming them back because they also grow incredibly slowly.


Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Peace Lilly


Peace lilies are another easy to care for plant that doesn’t need too much light to thrive, although the more light you can give it, the faster it will grow and bloom those gorgeous white flowers they’re known for. They can grow relatively quickly in medium or low light as well, making them ideal for any room with minimal light. The best part about peace lilies is their tendency to let you know when they need a good drink of water. Their leaves will wilt and flop over, making it look like it’s dying, but if you give it a healthy amount of water, in a few hours the leaves will perk right back up again. 


Epipremnum Aureum (Pothos Vine)

Pothos Vine


For anyone who wants a fast-growing plant that takes up whatever amount of space you give it, a pothos vine is the way to go. They’re easy to care for in the sense that they won’t put up a fuss if neglected for a little while but do require intermittent watering and a medium amount of indirect sun. They work best as hanging plants because their vines grow quite quickly, so giving them room to trail down makes any space look like an indoor garden.


With this in mind, if your property is on the market in Washington, consider the addition of one of these top five houseplants to help transform your rooms in an instant, by bringing your space to life.




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